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Azzurra Wedding & Event

Which only appears if you miss…

Surely you have already experienced that housework – that is, its lack – appears almost exclusively if it is not done. Event management – and wedding organization even more – is just such a set of tasks that requires special sensitivity, precision and professionalism. If a scenario isn’t thoughtfully put together, if the decoration isn’t in place until the last tiny element, if the food is served cold… A million millions of such examples can be listed, and while they may seem like little things, believe me, the perfection of the event will depend on it.

“Spontaneity is difficult because a lot has to be prepared for it.” *

We have experienced this with our many years of experience in protocol and event management in the ministry and banking sector – not once. We will be the ones to help you prepare for predictable but mostly unexpected situations. We will be the ones who will solve even the most unexpected situations without you noticing anything. We will be the ones who, as an invisible aid, will perfect for you a defining milestone in your life.

And who is that “we”?

They are creative. Maximalists. They are purposeful. Our life so far has been mostly a consciously planned story, sometimes stitched with “random” twists. In fact, our encounter is also due to a chain of coincidences, but we are convinced that there are no coincidences. After all, you are not accidentally reading these lines… And although a lot of things have developed in our lives according to our plans, we still knew something was still missing from it. We believe that creativity is a set of thought and practical actions that allow us to build, create, CREATE something. We embody this full-fledged content in AZZURRA, and our story is now a round whole.

Because behind every successful brand is a story…

Azzurra / aẓ · ẓùr · ra / Italian female name, meaning azure, navy blue, sky blue. Etymologically, the word of Persian origin also means sapphire, which is why the popular name is also associated with gemstones. The character of Azzurra is emotional, romantic and seeks originality in everything…

…Like us.

The quote comes from the pen of Kinga Györffy’s rhetorical and storytelling consultant, mentor, the connoisseur of beautiful silences.

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