Emergency procedures

Safety Regulations

When leaving your room, please always ensure the door is locked.  Please be informed that the front door is automatic which is close every day at 10 pm for security reasons. After 10 pm front door can be opened by using magnet room key or press the bell so it will be opened by the receptionist.

In the Event of Fire / Fire Safety Procedures

The following information is provided for your safety in the event of a fire.  Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with it.

Locations of Fire Exits are clearly marked on the floor plan on the back of each guestroom door.

The Hotel is equipped with an automatic fire alarm system. In the case of fire please follow the instructions displayed in your room and described below:

1.             Please inform the Hotel’s Reception Desk (extension 0 (zero)) of the emergency situation as quickly as possible.

2.           Get to know your nearest Emergency Exits and the Evacuation Route which are described in the plan of the Hotel that is attached to the door of your room.

3.           Leave your room as indicated in the Evacuation Route.

4.           Please keep calm, do not scream or run.

5.           Do not use the elevators.

6.           Return to your room if the area or the evacuation route is filled with smoke. Place wet towels under the door    and go to the window so you may be seen from outside.

Emergency numbers:

Fire Brigade – 105

Police – 107                                  

Ambulance – 104

General emergency number – 112

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